The Challenge

Pushups in a field

Thousands of challengers have jumped on board the Hundred Pushups program, and are listed below in chronological order.

If you've committed to the challenge and would like to be listed below, just send me an email and I'll add you as soon as I can.

who's doing the hundred?
David Belo
Lahle Wolfe
Pieter van Onselen
Avery Stewart
Fahad A Subhan
Greg Fields
Furgen Plak
Leese Wright
Søren Lohdal Petersen
Operation: Healthy Sexy Bodies
Cheryl Schuch
Celine (nightowl)
Rasmus Annok
Mark G
Diagnostics For All
Adam Rei Siegel
Beverly Furer
Chris Miller
Jacqui Millier
Karen Clark
Paul Barnett
Jonny Gross
Suz Williams
Morag Davis
Dewey Rose
Karen James
Camilia Hall
Josie Walker
Maria Hobbs
Zsuzsanna Keszeg
Jessica Reid-Burrell
Christina Carlton
Brian La Croix
Joseph Scott
Ben Byler
Anders Møller
Michael Nordby
Steve Ashton
Yash Mayya
Alex Bennett
Nik Olsson
Kodie Lackner
Matt Wise
James Coleman
Silas Hessler
Andrew Carpenter
Lucy Muniz
Deanna Tackett
Brad Smith
Preetam Das
MaryAnn Gilbert
Douglas Moore
Linda Pedder
Aura Moreno
Glen Stowers
Big Bad Rob Hadley
Christian Wilson
Kristan Smith


Inspired by the list of challengers and decided to test your strength? Think you can push yourself to the limit and do the magic hundred? Send me an email and let me know.