Who Did The Hundred?

Pushups in a field

Since the web site launched in June 2008, thousands of challengers have jumped on board the hundred pushups plan. Listed below in chronological order are those who have followed the program and successfully completed one hundred consecutive pushups.
Many congratulations to you all!

If you've also tasted success and would like to be listed below, just send me an email and I'll add you as soon as I can.

who did the hundred?
Chad Warden
Jesse Douglas
Shivam Shukla
Duane Gardner
Monika Gulabovska
Tom Brown
Ryan Smith
Jayfloyd Ocon
Vlada Devic
Khan Cho
Aaron Atherton
Ofek Weinberger
Peter Schmidt
Samuel Pradhan
Bob Duggan
Jun Wakabayashi
Yasien Elsayed
Jordan Podos
Pawel Gumula
Dong Heug Kim
Andrew J. Kerr
Håkan Berg


Inspired by the success stories listed above?
Think you can push yourself to the limit and do the magic hundred? Send me an email and let me know.

Just started the challenge?
If you'd like to be listed on the "take the challenge" page, just send me an email and I'll add you as soon as I can.

Good luck and happy pushups!